Have you had a catalyst moment that shaped your life?

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I’ve read so many inspiring and touching stories today from participating in the #brandstorychallenge, today.  It’s humbling to be part of such a diverse and talented group of individuals, committed to helping others and lighting the pathway of personal growth and development using the unique gifts each have to offer.

My catalyst moment in business happened because I didn’t listen to the still, calm, insistent knowing that I had a bigger purpose. In fact, in many ways, I ran from my calling. It seemed so intimidating, overwhelming, completely large and grand for someone like me to accomplish. I believed that I knew better and that my next decision would make my life more complete. Each time I ran the call was louder. Still I ran from this call, until one afternoon, miserable, crying, driving down a long stretch of county road, feeling anguished, worthless, empty, and alone and trapped. I prayed out loud in my car that day for help, I was lost, confused, and I needed answers. I prayed to God source and asked for a sign.

It was directly after I finished my prayer when I heard a voice, loud and clear over my shoulder in my car, “Pull over now” it stated loud and clear. At first I was terrified, who was in my car and how did they get there?! My neck craned around as I looked over my shoulder to see who was in the car with me. Yet search as I may, no one was in the car with me. My radio wasn’t on, my cellphone was silenced, no other traffic was around and my windows were up. I won’t lie to you, I thought perhaps I had a break with reality. Maybe the stress had been too great and I had lost my mind. I pulled off to the side of the road trembling. A beam of sunshine broke through the cloud filled day casting a circular ray on a small field of waste high wild grasses. Then starting from the middle of that field the blades of grass waved 360 degrees toward the edge of the light, fanning out like the ripple rings the water makes when a rock is thrown into a lake. From the center of the rings, a female deer rose to her feet and stared at me. It was then I realized God was answering me. It was then I knew I needed to make a change in my life, in my career, listen to the inner voice and follow the calling I was given, my divine purpose. With each step, I continue to learn. Life isn’t about the destination as much as the journey, the people I’ve met on this path have been teachers, students, earth angles, visionaries, other soul seekers and those unaware caught like I used to be. Fear kept me living a life that was small. Negativity and self-doubt kept me from shinning my light and assisting others with the lamp light of my heart. When I let go of trusting in me, and trusted in God source I gained confidence. When I let go of carrying the heavy burdens in my life and placed them on God source’s broad expanse, I began to soar. I take small and steady steps each day and I encourage my clients to see past the lens of limiting beliefs, ego,  assisting them in the release and clearing of negative emotions for balance.  I encourage them to accept themselves, forgive, to love themselves and to reach towards the divine perfection that awaits inside.

There is no certainty we will take another breath, our tomorrows are not guaranteed. Live your life with passion, allow love to bloom, be generous with forgiveness and lavish with laughter. It’s your life, own it, live it design it. Designed to Live #brandstorychallenge #day2

  1. Jan Fernandez

    That was simply beautiful and touching just like you touched my life and set me in the right direction. Thank you for you words and sharing your gifts with me.I won’t soon forget it.

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