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Daily Intention – a positive conscious decision

Waking up we have a conscious choice on what we decide to focus our attention on.  I call it a positive conscious decision.   According to Esther Hicks (Abraham), Our level of vibration is most easily reset first thing in the morning.

I have to agree that on the days I have “checklists”,  or pick up […]

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Hypnosis, What it is and What it isn’t – Common Misconceptions

A short video to talk about the most common misconceptions and fears expressed to me about hypnosis.

This list is not all inclusive,  if you have a question I didn’t address, feel free to comment!


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Life Lessons learned from Indoor skydiving

I was heading out the door to Indoor skydiving for my daughter’s 16th birthday party when my cell phone rang.

It was a friend, calling and the conversation started like this “I’m so sorry it went down this way, I suspect you’ve already been told…”

Actually, I hadn’t been told.  My previous conversation with my friend was […]

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