Daily Intention – a positive conscious decision

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Waking up we have a conscious choice on what we decide to focus our attention on.  I call it a positive conscious decision.   According to Esther Hicks (Abraham), Our level of vibration is most easily reset first thing in the morning.

I have to agree that on the days I have “checklists”,  or pick up my smart device and start browsing prior to setting my positive conscious choice, my day has a tendency to be scattered and stressful.  Those days are not nearly as pleasant or as productive as a day when I have taken just those few precious moments to set my vibration with positive conscious thought.

The thoughts I recall are memories that have brought me pure joy or delight.  I often think of my children when they were very young, (think three months to two years old) while cradling them in my arms, a feeling of sheer love.  The thoughts can be of cute animals, the kind of cuteness that makes you just want to bottle up it up and keep it forever!  I recall  some of the trails I’ve hiked with majestic mountain views and forested canopy valleys laying expansive in areas far below.  I remember the sounds of the waves of the ocean, or the breeze rustling leaves parched from the heat of summer now displaying panoramic colors in trees overhead in fall.  I recollect secluded beaches where I’ve witnessed gods paintbrush, streaking golden colors across the canvas of the sky.  In my minds eye I recreate flowers in bloom, in perfection of just being, which I’ve admired.  The joy, the sheer gratitude, love, delight and oneness I’ve felt during these moments.


It takes about one to two minutes and sets the tone of my day.  It empowers me with the ability to stay above the bombardment of media hype, and negativity throughout the day.  Helping me to turn the worlds negative roar it to the hum of  white noise.  It allows me the space to tune in to the possibility, the subtle beauty that surrounds me, so I am able to appreciate those moments just a little more.

What memories you focus on will be unique and totally your own.  After a few days you’ll find which memories and thoughts that set the vibration and tone that allow for ease and joy in your life.   It’s a decision, a two minute habit, that sets the stage for the day with a harmonic, streaming flow of positive consciousness.

It’s Your Life, Own it, Design it, Live it!


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