Hypnosis for Goal Setting – The right mind set

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I had a session with Jill in Feb 2011. After taking some big hits in my business, with the financial downturn over a few years, I had lost A LOT of money, (almost 7 figures). I was just on the road to recovery and I used my session with Jill to help me get focused on my finances and business goals.

I had a specific realistic and measurable target in mind, almost double what I had done the year before (2010) but it was a number I had easily done in the past and believed that I could do it again.


In 2011, I did end the year up considerably over 2010. I kept focused and recounted my session with Jill over and over and I ended my year in 2012 with more than double my 2010 income and in fact more than 30% over 2011.

I have continued to enjoy successful growth in my business and I owe it all to a few key ingredients, one of the most important is the right mind set.