Goal Setting workshop and meditation

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When is the last time you revisited your goals? Is it time to do a check in on them? I like to track my progress as well as review my goals. It’s really neat to see how far I’ve come by looking at my metrics. Metrics are the measurable data, no no not the scale, but my distances, times, quantities, the way I feel emotionally. Those types of data. Maybe you’ve found you can more easily get around? That you have more energy. That your moods seem to be more up than down? Or perhaps you’ve suffered a setback, feel overwhelmed and honestly a bit defeated. Either way a quick review of your goals to adjust may be in order!

Often I have clients that have REALLY big goals in REALLY short time frames. These goals don’t align with reality, they aren’t sustainable. I often will take the opportunity to assist them to adjust based on metrics, with sustainable changes that are in alignment. This sometimes surprises or even is initially taken as a blow to the ego to have this reality check. #sorrynotsorry

Look, I’ve suffered injury and I’ve had to allow my body to heal. We all have daily commitments and time frame constraints to work within. Wanting and achieving are two very separate things and that often means priorities need to be established, adjustments or course corrections need to take place. Plan>Do>Review. They are all critical components!

If your goal is too high or too big, or you’ve encountered a setback that now makes the original goal seem impossible or intimidating – that fear of failure can take us out. It can feel heavy and overwhelming and take you off your goal path entirely. (Because it’s no longer FUN, remember the special FUN ingredient needs to figure in your plan.)

**Setbacks are feedback, and that’s actually good! It let’s us review what’s working and what’s not and make course corrections.

Setting goals that are a stretch, so a little out of the comfort zone but still manageable, actionable and inspiring- Realistic and FUN feeling are the way to go because they have stepping stones you KNOW you can do because you can build on each success!

So Coaches nudge here, if you haven’t lately, I strongly encourage you to revisit your goals, see what is working and what needs some adjustments.

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