When is a reward not a reward?

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You’ve done a great job; you’ve reached a milestone towards your goal!  Hooray and then you decide to celebrate and give yourself a reward, and there is the rub.  Too often rewards are sneaky forms of self-sabotage.

Here is an example of a sneaky reward system that hinders:

Brain: “I’ve been so good on my diet plan all day, I’m going to reward myself with _____” Yep, there it is.  Insert unhealthy item that blows much of your progress.

If you’ve been dieting, unhealthy food that moves you away from your goal is NOT a reward.  It is a punishment.  See it for what it really is, sabotage.

Where else have you used self-sabotage in the form of rewards?  Wouldn’t it be better to feel good while rewarding yourself in a healthy way that doesn’t cause a potential setback?

Brainstorm for 5 minutes on things that you enjoy doing that are good for you. It could be organizing, it could be praying or meditating, taking a bath, gardening, reading a juicy book, buying fresh flowers at the market watching a play, going on a ferry or train ride, feeding ducks, hiking, biking, fishing, playing music, having a massage, getting your hair cut/styled, having coffee at a cozy cafe, crafting, knitting, enjoying a beach stroll….

When you reach milestones or goals, it’s important to take time to reward yourself for your wins! In a healthy way. Your worth it.san_francisco_candy_shops_600x390-600x390

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