Several years back I had a realization, and took action that changed my life for the better.

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I had a limiting belief, the likes of which may very well have prevented me from excelling at school, my career and relationships.  I am sharing this with you because each time I sit down with a client, I assist in identifying and illuminating limiting beliefs or decisions that often present – meaning show up, in patterns of behavior – that are hidden to them and causing major problems.  Let me share a personal story with you that you may identify with.

It used to be that when I’d “up” my performance in one area of my life, another area would be affected negatively.  That if I had too many irons in the fire, (too many projects) I’d get burned…..

“The old proverb about having too many irons in the fire is an abominable old lie. Have all in, shovel, tongs and poker”- Adam Clarke

When I recall, I started to adopt this thought in elementary school because of my grades in subjects.  I would decide to concentrate hard on an area that wasn’t up to par like Math and I’d notice an area where I had been doing well, such as writing seemingly begin to slip.  When I think back, it was probably around 7th grade I began to truly believe that when I’d excel in one area, then another area would falter or suffer, and that became my reality.

Imagine seeing your entire world though this narrow lens about what you are capable of achieving.  Imagine how many times I let opportunity pass me by being afraid of adding one too many irons?  All the while, just accepting this as my fate, the way things were, never questioning why I had adopted or why I hadn’t questioned this belief.

Fast forward, I identified this belief by some common presenting “problems”.  Areas where I wasn’t achieving the level of success or results I desired.  I decided to challenge myself to apply what I had learned and spent thousands of dollars and countless hours on via personal development books, coaching, training in Hypnosis and NLP.  That perhaps there was more I was capable of.  I took a good hard look, without judgement, at the limited results I was obtaining in certain areas of my life and I identified a common thread.  It led me back to that original thought pattern about the irons in the fire, to the grades, one going up and another going down, to the deeper fear of failure.

I began to question this belief by asking some good questions.  The number one being, is there any other contributing factor, aside from “spreading myself to thin” that might have contributed to my grades vacillating?  And guess what, that one question opened up wide the doors of possibility to me.  Back when I was a child, I didn’t take into account a lot of other social and environmental conditions that may have been factors.

Now, take a moment to imagine the new results I had once removing the belief that excelling in one area meant another needed to suffer and replacing that with a new decision that I could accomplish anything I set my mind to.  What a tremendous difference!  No more fears or limitations of overreaching and failing!  Now that isn’t to say I don’t fail.  I do, but my definition of failing has changed as well, to looking at failure as a First Attempt In Learning.

Once I identified this “problem” and the ramifications this belief led to I took that action to correct it.    Now I work with others to remove negative or limiting beliefs and adopt positive and supporting beliefs.

I can gain clarity and reach my goals by taking it one “stair” at a time.  The stair is a goal setting technique I came up with a few years ago and is a great tool.  If you’d like to learn more about it, I talk about it in length in a video blog at the beginning of this year for goal reaching on my website.

What areas of your life are you not be getting the results you desire in?  Maybe you have one of these hidden beliefs from your past in your subconscious mind?

How much would it be worth to you to identify it and adopt a supportive belief?  Aren’t you worth it?

I know you are worth it.

It changed my life to uncover and remove limiting beliefs that hindered my performance. I offer free phone consultations to identify if a Hypnosis or Time Empowerment Session to remove limiting beliefs is right for you.  It takes just a few minutes to see if you’re ready to make a breakthrough that will help serve you for the rest of your life.


It’s your Life, Own it, Design it, Live it!

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