About Jill

Jill Dell is a licensed hypnotherapist in Washington State. She has received training in many forms of breakthrough therapy, and is a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistics Programming, Time Empowerment®, Hypnotherapy and is a Access Bars® Facilitator.  She has owned and operated her private practice, Designed to Live, since 2013 in the Seattle area. Her passion is to guide others to create positive, transformational change, instilling supportive beliefs and habits that align, serve and empower people to obtain the results they desire in their lives. Jill was recently was showcased as a guest speaker for the Pyschic Spectrum.

Jill enjoys spending time with her husband, children and grandchildren and is an enthusiast of the outdoors.  When not at the office you can normally find Jill lake kayaking, hiking, swimming, biking in the splendor of Pacific Northwest.  Jill is also an amature triathlete.  She participated in the 2019 Victoria Half-Ironman, and completed the Maple Valley Half Distance Triathlon, both races include swimming, biking and running a total of 70.3 miles.  Her goal is to complete a full Ironman which she is training towards.

Jill regularly volunteers in the community, serving as Royal Matron of the Order of Amaranth (2019-2020 term year), Alki Court, a service based fraternal organization that endeavors to find a cure for diabetes.  She also volunteers as an Admin in her neighborhood Facebook Buy Nothing group of 600+ members (4/2020).

The Designed to Live, Culture Credo

We offer Integrity based, client centric, transformational services.
Behaviors either move us toward or block us from success.
I facilitate the discovery of the underlying cause of behaviors that have been holding you back, then gently guide you in releasing negative emotions and limiting decisions that no longer serve you.

Imagine achieving the results you desire in your life; You are so worthy of a living a purposeful and fulfilled life. Together we can create new beliefs, behaviors and actions to assist you in getting there.

This is your Life, Own what belongs to you, Design it to serve you, Live life on your terms.

It’s your Life, Own it, Design it, Live it!