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  • Identify your Why.  Make it Powerful.  None of the wimpy stuff will do here, I want you to dig deep.  Make it truly mean something to you, something that totally fires you up inside.  Make your Why such a big deal that when you think about it, it makes you get emotional!  Here are a few questions to get you started and help you get in touch with Why you want to release the weight.  Is it for your health?  Who do you want to spend time with and be around for?  What will releasing this weight mean for you?  What can you not, or choose not to do because of your weight?  What will reducing your cholesterol mean to you?  Who does your weight affect aside from you?  Are you hurting anyone by not taking care of your health?  Has it affected your intimate relationship?  How is the weight negatively affecting your body? Write your answers down.


  • Envision what your life will be like once you release the weight.  Get super clear and focused.  What will you be able to do that you can’t or don’t choose to do now?  What types of foods will you eat?  Who will prepare the food you eat?  Who will go shopping for the food?  What types of things do you do on a daily basis to set yourself up for success?  Weekly?  Monthly?  What types of strategies has your future self been using to navigate around any current trouble spots?  What does your future-self dress like?  What type of activities will you do?  What does your future-self have in the refrigerator, freezer and cabinets?  What do other people say to or compliment your future-self on?  How does it feel to be your future-self?  Are you proud of the leadership you’ve taken?  Are you more confident? Do you have increased energy?  Has your sex drive changed?  How about your self-esteem? Write your answers down.


  • Plan for the rain, prepare for the rain, because it’s going to rain.  What potential pitfalls do you think you might run into during your transformation?  Have you had challenges in this area before?  What plans can you put in place to avert the same things from happening again?  What have you learned from last time that could be beneficial to you?  Did you do better by attending a weekly weight watchers meeting?  Did you do better when you prepared meals for the week on Sunday?  What worked well that you should use again?  What didn’t work well?  Were you starving by the time you got home from work?  Could you maybe keep raw almonds, a granola bar, dried fruit in your car to avert binge eating when you get home?  Do you drink enough water?  Are there any problem areas that shopping for your groceries on-line might help with?


  • Keep a “Win” journal.  Note any of the wins you had for the day, like parking further away from work, getting your exercise in?  Getting in your steps, miles, laps, reps. Write it down!  Did you get a compliment from a co-worker or your spouse?  Write it down.  Did you loose a pound or did you reduce your measurements?  Write it down.  Did you opt for a low calorie side?  Write it down.  All the wins go in the win journal!  Get a hold of some inspiring, up beat music, maybe a playlist, keep inspiring quotes.  When you feel like you are not making any progress look through and read your win journal, turn on your inspirational music, look at your inspiring quotes, most of all look at the answers you have for your why and your vision from above.


  • Post your goal on a 3X5 Card on your bathroom mirror and read it aloud 2X a day. Want an added boost?  Then add positive affirmations to your goal card and look yourself right in the eye and say “I am releasing the weight day by day, by my healthy food choices, by my exercise choices.  I choose to release the weight and I’m worthy of reaching my goal of weighing ______. I am strong and capable of reaching my goal.  My goal is reasonable. I plan for success.  I am motivated. I am successful.”  Say it until you believe it.  Watch your posture.  You may initially find you have resistance to mirror affirmation work.  That is normal.  After a few weeks to a month, you will find yourself beginning to believe your words.  Keep after it.  Consistency is the key here!


Develop and use these tools on a consistent basis along with your healthy diet, a moderate exercise plan and you will experience success!

Having problems with habits that keep sabotaging your best efforts?  Need an extra nudge above and beyond these steps?  Take a look at the Designed to Live Hypnotic Weight Loss program, it may be just what you’ve been looking for!  The subconscious mind can be used as our personal ally to form positive health habits.

Often habits that we aren’t even aware of can sidetrack us in the area of obtaining our health and weight goals.

The way our brain processes and stores our memories is with emotions, often the experience around food can have powerful emotional responses. Add this to the formation of  limiting beliefs about ourselves, and you can have a state of  constant comparison and self-criticism, damaging to both self-perception, worthiness  and esteem.

My mission is to stop the cycle! The answer lies not in the next shiny new miracle diet and a vicious cycle of loss and inevitable gain, it doesn’t lie in pre-packaged meals and shakes that once you stop, eventually leave you back where you started. That’s no answer. That’s Mr. or Mrs. Right Now, compared to Mr.or Mrs. Right…. just saying!

What can be done to alter and make new positive associations? How can we become both educated and empowered? Stepping outside of broken cycles and obtaining a fresh perspective is where the answers you seek have been hiding.

Introducing the “30-Day” Hypnotic Weight Release program , even though several participants have lost 2-4lbs per week, it’s not a diet. I’ll explain the difference between a diet and a lifestyle modification and why this is the perfect program to support health goals that are sustainable. This isn’t a choice to be taken lightly, it’s not for everyone. It’s for those seeking a community to step into a confident healthy lifestyle armed with education and examples to support one another, hold each other accountable and celebrate the wins.

Don’t take it from me, here are what participants are saying from the last 30 days:

“I have not eaten cookies, cakes, ice cream or candy bars since my session with Jill! I feel so much better and have dropped a few pounds so all is good with me.”
“I’m, over ten pounds down! – Happy Saturday everyone!”
“I’ve been able to go through a lifestyle change with the help of Jill Dell Hypnotherapist…I let go of 7 pounds easily in a couple weeks.”
“I had an amazing week! Let’s celebrate! Once I was back from my hypnosis, all my cravings for sweets have disappeared, I couldn’t believe it. Instead, I was dreaming to have a delicious green salad…Wow :0 “
“I also passed the proof of fire today: walking around the grocery store without buying any of my favorite cakes, cookies and candies. I love me so much! Jill Dell thanks so much for allowing to be part of this incredible experience!!”

As a Licensed Hypnotist, I’ve learned so much about mindset. Assisting individuals to form supportive habits and decisions that allow them to experience the freedom of reaching their goals.
My philosophy is, if it isn’t easy, flexible and simple then it’s not for me. So if you are looking for hard core weight training, major diet upheaval, and regimented calorie counting, this is not the program for you. Exit stage right.
If you are looking for a mindset shift, a change that drives powerful lasting results in the area of your health and wellness, with minor, easy modifications to your life, Hypnotic Weight Release  may be for you.



It’s Your Life, Own it, Design it, Live it!