August 2015

This webinar could help create a breakthrough in your life!

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This webinar could help to create a breakthrough in your life!
I will be sharing the best tools and tips I know for getting clarity!
Register now for this exclusive training with Jill Dell!
Date: Friday, August 21, 2015
Time: 6pm – 7pm Pacific Time
To honestly evaluate where you are – Successful personal growth journeys […]

July 2015

Speaking Programs

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Break through barriers in your next event with a presentation filled with educational applications, and group setting exercises that will help propel participants to the next level.
Jill delivers value driven content utilizing proven tools from her private hypnotherapy practice.  Her stories are real world, compelling and she delivers insightful relevant approaches to the working of subconscious mind.  She has the […]

May 2015

Free Downloadable Audio

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For years, I couldn’t get away from verbal abuse from my harshest and worst critic, because it was me.

Have you ever experienced negative internal or external self-talk?  How would you like to turn that around to gain increased self-confidence and results in your life?  My name is Jill Dell and I am a Licensed Hypnotherapist […]

December 2014

Get in Touch

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Q: This sounds good, it must take multiple sessions for the changes to take place?
A: Most of my clients have experienced tremendous, lasting change, within one to two sessions. Unlike talk therapy, which certainly has a place, and can take many months, I am trained to key into the way you currently structure your world with […]


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About Jill
Jill Dell is a licensed hypnotherapist in Washington State. She has received training in many forms of breakthrough therapy, and is a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistics Programming, Time Empowerment®, Hypnotherapy and is a Access Bars® Facilitator.  She has owned and operated her private practice, Designed to Live, since 2013 in the Seattle […]

Work With Me

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Individual sessions are geared towards overcoming a specific problem or problems.  They are in depth, customized sessions that are geared towards each individual.  Together we create a specific outcome and treatment plan designed just for your needs.

Here is list of common problems that I have treated successfully with clients.

Becoming a non-smoker – Smoking Cessation

Confidence and Security […]


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December 2014

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