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Goal Setting workshop and meditation

When is the last time you revisited your goals? Is it time to do a check in on them? I like to track my progress as well as review my goals. It’s really neat to see how far I’ve come by looking at my metrics. Metrics are the measurable data, no no not the scale, […]

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When is a reward not a reward?

You’ve done a great job; you’ve reached a milestone towards your goal!  Hooray and then you decide to celebrate and give yourself a reward, and there is the rub.  Too often rewards are sneaky forms of self-sabotage.

Here is an example of a sneaky reward system that hinders:

Brain: “I’ve been so good on my diet plan […]

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Recognizing and Reintegrating Our Shadow Step by Step

What we don’t acknowledge can hurt us after all!
Triggers, things that we have strong emotional responses to are what Carl Jung called the “shadows” of our personality.  Using the steps below you can have control over these hidden aspects versus them controlling you keeping you stuck in unhealthy patterns.

We are our biggest critics.  During […]

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Feeling Anxious about a situation? Here are a few techniques that may help reduce your anxiety.

Since when has worrying about something, becoming anxious and stressed ever helped a situation to resolve?
Choose how you respond to your environment.
If you are anxious about work, about politics, about a situation you are facing in your life, one of the things that may help is thinking about what outcome it is you would like […]

The Bittersweet Truth About The Root Of Our Challenges

Often when I meet with clients for Hypnosis they are normally experiencing some sort of habit that isn’t helping them reach their goals.  Yet sometimes it’s something much deeper than that, a limiting belief.  Limiting beliefs occur by compounding multiple limiting decisions about ourselves.  Normally these are formed and taken on during the ages of 2-12 years […]

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Have you had a catalyst moment that shaped your life?

I’ve read so many inspiring and touching stories today from participating in the #brandstorychallenge, today.  It’s humbling to be part of such a diverse and talented group of individuals, committed to helping others and lighting the pathway of personal growth and development using the unique gifts each have to offer.

My catalyst moment in business happened […]

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Several years back I had a realization, and took action that changed my life for the better.

I had a limiting belief, the likes of which may very well have prevented me from excelling at school, my career and relationships.  I am sharing this with you because each time I sit down with a client, I assist in identifying and illuminating limiting beliefs or decisions that often present – meaning show up, in patterns of behavior – […]

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Cultivating communication

The sun was hot on my neck, the trim of my t-shirt was wet with a mixture of sweat and dust.  My wrists and forearms were beginning to fatigue and yet, my husband and I had only made it half-way through weeding the flower bed.  The weeds grow where nothing else thrives, tenacious, invasive, deep […]

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Daily Intention – a positive conscious decision

Waking up we have a conscious choice on what we decide to focus our attention on.  I call it a positive conscious decision.   According to Esther Hicks (Abraham), Our level of vibration is most easily reset first thing in the morning.

I have to agree that on the days I have “checklists”,  or pick up […]

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Hypnosis, What it is and What it isn’t – Common Misconceptions

A short video to talk about the most common misconceptions and fears expressed to me about hypnosis.

This list is not all inclusive,  if you have a question I didn’t address, feel free to comment!


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